31 Mar 2023

Our 25 most recommended podcasts about all things midlife, menopause and beyond!

Looking for some new podcasts about menopause and midlife to listen to? Then you’re in the right place!

Women in their 40s and 50s can often feel very overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities they have to juggle when it comes to family life, work and managing personal relationships. Throw into the mix our fluctuating hormones, and it’s no wonder so many of us often find ourselves feeling worn out and ‘below par,’ to say the least. So when you do manage to find some time for a breather, it’s important to try and make the most of it! 

Self care and relaxation means different things to different people, be it a dog walk, a hot bath, a yoga session, or perhaps just sitting on the couch listening to music, reading a book or watching TV.  

Podcasts are another fantastic way of relaxing whilst also providing education and/or entertainment too. When you find a good podcast that you can relate to, with great interviewers and inspiring guests, who perhaps are going through or have gone through similar situations to you, it can make you feel like you are far from alone. 

That’s why we asked you for your recommendations for some of your favourite podcasts so that we could share them with all of our community in one place.

For more support with all things menopause, take a look at our dedicated resource area, which includes advice on treatment options and a FREE downloadable symptom tracker.

perimenopause symptom checker

And, if you're looking for some extra support, I run monthly LIVE masterclasses with menopause specialists and wellbeing experts as part of The Latte Lounge membership.

Our online menopause clinic, The Latte Lounge Plus, is now open for appointments with an experienced doctor and the right treatments recommended for you based on symptoms and medical history, which can include hormone replacement therapy (HRT) if right for you.

In the meantime, here’s our pick of some of the best podcasts about the menopause, midlife and beyond - in no particular order!

The Latte Lounge Podcast with Katie Taylor

I could hardly do a podcast round-up without at least giving a shout-out first to our very own podcast, 'Midlife and Menopause Uncovered'.

The Latte Lounge podcast explores midlife and menopause with our expert guests, helping you to feel empowered & supported during perimenopause, menopause & beyond.

Highly recommended by......well, at the bare minimum, my mum, lol!

The Happy Menopause with Jackie Lynch

Explore the importance of nutrition during menopause and midlife with expert guests and Nutritionist Jackie Lynch's signature practical tips. 

The Dr Louise Newson Podcast with Louise Newson

Leading menopause expert and GP, and founder of The Menopause Charity, Dr Louise Newson, talks the menopause and perimenopause. She helps women receive unbiased, evidence-based, and holistic advice and treatment.

Happy Hormones with Nicki Williams

Nicki delivers a mix of bite-sized quick episodes and longer interviews with leading experts in women's health.

Postcards From Midlife with Trish Halpin and Lorraine Candy

Trish and Lorraine take a look at all things midlife, be that parenting, menopause or relationships. 

Midpoint with Gabby Logan

Gabby Logan talks candidly to well-known faces about their own midlife challenges and expectations, drawing on the advice of experts from sleep gurus, nutritionists, and doctors specialising in hormone treatment.

The Shift with Sam Baker

With big-name interviews and a broad range of midlife topics, writer and broadcaster Sam Baker aims to tell the truth about being a woman post-40.

Two Women Chatting with Michelle Ford and Liz Copping

Liz and Michelle explore navigating life over 50 as empty nesters, embracing the highs and lows of their 'second spring'. They chat with celebrities & experts about relatable topics, redefining midlife, embracing the empty nest and ageing with positivity.

The Women Kind Collective with Jinty Sheerin and Lou Hockings-Thompson

Best friends Jinty and Lou chat weekly as they embark on a fun & educational journey, talking to experts and advocates on subjects that are often taboo, including health, hormones, menopause, family, relationships, misogyny, equality and much more. Listen for fantastic guests, book recommendations and recipes.

With All Due Respect with Amanda Thebex

Get no-nonsense straight-talking from fitness expert Amanda Thebe, author of Menopocalypse. If you follow Amanda on Instagram, you'll know what to expect from this!

The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show with Liz Earle

With so many of us living longer than ever before, Liz Earle is on a mission to help women thrive in later life by investing in our health and wellbeing today. She covers picking up good habits in our 20s and 30s, navigating the changes that come in our 40s and 50s and fortifying our bodies with everything we need to stay fit, flexible, sharp and energised in our 60s, 70s and beyond.

How To Be 60 with Kaye Adams

There isn't much that scares Kaye Adams, apart from turning 60. With the help of her filter-free friend Karen, some well known guests and most importantly, YOU however, she might just learn.... How To Be 60.

Older & Wider with Jenny Eclair

Award-winning Comedian Jenny Eclair and Producer and Writer Judith Holder deliver Older & Wider, a podcast that offers insight, gossip and general news from the menopausal front and beyond.

Middling Along with Emma Thomas

Middling Along is the podcast for ‘midults‘ who want to spend their middle years thriving, not just surviving.

Effin Hormones with Emma Goswell, Beena Khetani, Terri Sweeney and Helen Brown

Effin Hormones is four friends discussing those ten years in a woman’s life that lead up to the menopause – the ‘perimenopause’.

Menopause Whilst Black with Karen Arthur

Ensuring the experiences of black women in menopause are represented, campaigner Karen Arthur invites guests to share their stories, experiences and advice.

Menopause and Cancer with Danni Binnington

The Menopause And Cancer podcast is for all people in menopause after a cancer diagnosis and for health care professionals alike. Danni invites guest speakers and menopause experts to discuss everything from mental health to physical and sexual health and everything in between.

Meera’s Menopause Podcast with Meera Bhogal

Meera covers health, menopause and nutrition, with practical tips and advice on how to improve your health and well-being.

The Menopause Coach with Adele Johnston

Adele Johnston is a certified nutritionist and positive psychology coach. Her podcast, The Menopause Coach, aims to help women improve their menopause health and reclaim who they are without menopause taking over.

Real Menopause Talk with Hatty McCafferty

Hatty hosts Real Menopause Talk as an opportunity for everyone to share and hear stories about real-life experiences of Peri to Post Menopause. Be prepared for sharing, swearing and brutal honesty, with laughter, tears and deep connection through shared experience.

Dear Menopause with Sonya Lovell

Australian Sonya delivers raw, real and relevant conversations with a broad range of women’s health experts as guests, alongside interviews with women who are happy to share their perimenopause, menopause and midlife stories. No subject is taboo.

The Menopause Mindset with Sally Garozzo

Mindset tips and lifestyle ideas from clinical hypnotherapist, wellness expert and sleep coach Sally Garozzo. Sally is on a mission to help perimenopausal women go from feeling anxious, alone and confused to feeling positive, informed, and connected. Her podcast is all about lifestyle interventions and mindset shifts that can make menopause a positive force.

The Big Middle with Susan Flory

Susan covers a range of topics that are of interest to all now that we're ageing differently and expecting more out of our relatively longer lives.

Seize Your Midlife with Bree Schumacher

Bree interviews women who’ve made U-turns in midlife or have interesting stories.

Be More Orca with India Fisher

India knew nothing about what was happening to her when her menopause symptoms first hit. So she’s on a mission to change that and chats to women about what they're going through, to Dr Katie, her Menopause Specialist and other experts as well as her "Orcas", inspirational women in the public eye who are bucking the traditional image of what it is to be a woman at this stage of life and proving that life out the other side is worth celebrating.

Bonus! Here's some more podcasts highly recommended by our community:

Making the Cut with Davina McCall and Michael Douglas

Davina McCall and partner Michael Douglas describe their podcast as being like the TripAdvisor for your life. From iconic movies to the best mascara, Davina and Michael guide you through what’s hot and what’s not. And when they need help making the cut, they call in on some of their friends to join them.

ADHD Women's Wellbeing podcast with Kate Moryoussef

Lifestyle and wellbeing coach Kate Mory looks at life through the lens of ADHD, with plenty of inspiration, lifestyle tips and self-compassion along the way. 

The Scummy Mummies with Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

This award-winning duo talk about parenting and the midlife – and are very funny!

We hope you find them as helpful and informative as the rest of our community does. 

And if you're looking for even more great content, be sure to check out our Latte Lounge podcast. With new episodes released every week, we cover everything from hot flushes and brain fog to sleep and sex during midlife, menopause and beyond. Happy listening!

If you are looking for immediate support, don't forget we have our resource area here on our website, a searchable directory of menopause specialists, and our supportive group membership too.

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