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70% of midlife women spend less than five hours a week on their own needs, self-care & hobbies

A new poll by The Midlife Festival and The Latte Lounge has found that the so-called ‘sandwich generation’ lifestyle is leaving the majority of women over 40-years-old with little time for their own self-care and wellbeing.

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It's back! Join us for The Midlife Festival 2023

25+ speakers. Five days of talks. All online and all for free. Coming this October!

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Accessing affordable HRT: All you need to know about the new HRT prescription pre-payment certificate

The HRT prescription pre-payment certificate came into effect in England on 1st April 2023. Great news! As of 1st April, a new pre-payment certificate for Hormone Replacement Therapy prescriptions has been introduced, which will save women hundreds of pounds a year.  Instead of paying for monthly prescriptions, women can now access up to a year's […]

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A Visit to 10 Downing Street

It’s not every day you get invited to Number 10 Downing Street...

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The Latte Lounge - reflecting on 2022

It's been an incredible year for The Latte Lounge - catch up on all that we've shared with our community in 2022.

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Starting soon: The Latte Lounge Podcast Series 2

Listen to the Latte Lounge Podcast series 2 covering everything from how to optimise your nutrition, overcoming insomnia, improving sleep, managing hot flushes & skin changes, coping with anxiety and dealing with heavy bleeding and menstrual concerns too.

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Heart health & menopause: hot flushes are more than an inconvenience says leading Yale professor

Hot flushes more than an inconvenience - they are a risk factor for heart disease, bone loss & dementia, says leading Yale Professor.

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13,000 women join The Midlife Festival 2022

Nadia Sawalha, Davina McCall and Professor Tim Spector topped the bill for this year's week-long free Festival.

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