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Can you help us improve menopause support in the workplace?

How is your workplace supporting menopausal women & what do you think needs to be done? Share your views in our survey & help create change.

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What is 'Sandwich Caring'?

‘Sandwich Carers’ now comprise 2% of the UK population. And due to longer life expectancies and women having children in later life, they are a ever-growing group.

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The Latte Lounge is 5 today!

The Latte Lounge is five years old today, and to mark the occasion we have two exciting pieces of news to share with you all.

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Keeping cool as we get back in the swing of things

As COVID-19 restrictions ease and we begin to plan our post-pandemic lives, assessing our “new normal” can feel challenging - especially if you’re having menopausal symptoms.

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Why kids could benefit from extra support this autumn

A great tutor will start by building a precise picture of your child’s current skills, so that they can target the specific aspects of the curriculum they find the hardest. They will then plan a course of lessons designed to boost a pupil’s confidence in these areas.

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Testosterone, that’s the male hormone right?

Why is testosterone so important to women? Dr Philippa Kaye explains how the hormone plays its role in menopause and female health.

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Ask the doctors: How to stay fit and healthy without pain and injury

After a year of lockdown and living a more sedentary lifestyle than usual are you considering how to get back to exercise without pain or injury? Perhaps you’re approaching a milestone birthday and want to get stuck into a new fitness routine like boxing, tennis, running? Or maybe you’re experiencing perimenopause or menopause symptoms and […]

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Our children

Do our children need to ‘catch up’ on all the learning that’s been lost?

Millions of children around the world have faced disruption to their education over the last year. But, we should be wary of using the term 'lost learning'

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