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Why your diet should include the purple end of the rainbow

Nutritional balance is key, which includes eating a rainbow of different coloured fruits and vegetables for optimum health benefits.

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Nutrition for your skin, hair and nails in perimenopause and menopause

How does ageing and menopause affect our skin, hair and nails – and how can nutrition help? Jenny Carson, from ethical vitamin company Viridian Nutrition explains.

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Top nutrients to help ease brain fog, anxiety and low mood

Watch the YouTube video here: Why do we experience brain fog? Do you struggle to recall a word, a fact that is on the tip of your tongue, or forget where you put your keys or mobile? Brain fog is the lack of sharpness of memory and where recall is slow or clunky. Brain fog […]

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Multivitamins for every age and stage

Did you know that your nutritional needs will vary depending on your age, overall health and lifestyle? In this guide Jenny Carson, senior nutritionist at Viridian Nutrition takes you through the nutritional life stages.

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What kind of tired are you? 4 ways to boost your energy levels

This past year has taken its toll on most of us, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve lost the spring in your step. The different ways you might be tired There are lots of different ways that lack of energy can affect us – perhaps you feel constantly tired and low; or you experience […]

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What are the best foods to eat during menopause?

What adjustments do you need to make to your diet to help with menopause and your long-term health? Nutritionist Dr Harriet Holme explains.

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How to kick the sugar habit

Where’s your temptation? January is not the time to berate ourselves for what we have eaten, but to cut ourselves some slack!   A great way to start is by looking at the foods lurking in your cupboards and fridge. What’s sitting on your desk? What shops are nearby?   Keep sweets and biscuits hidden out of […]

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Good mood food to beat the menopause blues

Nutritionist Jackie Lynch shares four ways that the right food and nutrition during menopause can calm your nerves & boost your low mood.

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