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We offer afterschool clubs, tutoring, and our famous Summer Camp! We are passionate about helping children be the best they can be and instilling a growth mindset. You can find out about our events on our website, social media pages, or at one of our open house events. Afterschool activities: Our afterschool activities act as […]

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Skin Deep Beauty Clinic

Located in the leafy suburb of Elstree, with picturesque countryside views, Skin Deep Beauty Clinic provides results-driven skincare treatments in a deeply calming and relaxing environment.  The range of face treatments available focuses on results-driven treatments that deliver skincare solutions for problem skin. As well as a comprehensive top to toe treatment menu, our therapists […]

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50% off first lesson with Strive Tutors

We specialise in providing families with experienced classroom teachers (some of whom are also GCSE and A Level examiners) to ensure that students’ learning is focused, targeted and comprehensive. Our tutors are  trained in Special Educational Needs and adept at handling a range of emotional and behavioural disorders too. We have a talented array of […]

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20% Off - Stay Cool With Become Clothing

Become is a clothing brand with a mission to significantly reduce hot flushes and night sweats caused by menopause, illness, surgery and prescribed drugs. The range of intelligent clothing solutions includes layering pieces like underwear, nightwear, t-shirts, camisoles, leggings, shapewear and a recently added face mask, which are all made from a seamless, breathable, cooling lightweight fabric […]

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25% off Silicolskin - the 10-minute gel to banish spots from your skin

Stress, diet and hormonal changes such as menopause for older women or during periods for teenagers, can trigger break-outs of pimples, red spots and yellow pus-filled spots which can be distressing. Recommended by make-up artist, Aimee Adams, Silicolskin 10-minute gel (RRP £9.79) for problem skin contains natural silica which calms the epidermis, and binds with […]

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10% Off Online Maths Tuition with TuitionWorks

TuitionWorks offers one-to-one online maths lessons with specialist tutors. Our tutors are all qualified teachers, connected to the curriculum and trained to teach pupils across all learning styles. Tuition is delivered online. Customers get the best tutors, regardless of their location. To get you started, we offer a free 15-minute maths assessment. Once completed, join […]

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Newman Tuition

Newman Tuition was established by Zac Newman, a qualified teacher and youth mindfulness coach. Our team is committed to improving the confidence and self-esteem of our students, as well as delivering excellent academic results. It is our belief that while attaining top grades is important in today’s highly competitive world, tutoring should be about much […]

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Tali Swart Pilates

I have over 14 years experience as a classically trained Pilates teacher, working and training with some of the best Pilates teachers in the UK. Methods: I like to use a range of different pilates equipment, to support you through each lesson, such as; soft balls, dynobands, foam rollers and magic circles. We also follow […]

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