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9 tips for caring for itchy skin in menopause

We deep dive on one unpleasant menopause symptom that often gets overlooked – dry, itchy skin.

This discomforting symptom is associated with decreasing oestrogen levels in the body.

Read how oestrogen impacts skin health and how you can help your itchy skin during menopause.

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Menopause advice: Caring for skin & breast sensitivity

How can you deal with the skin sensitivity that comes with menopause?
What can you do to alleviate menopause-induced breast sensitivity, soreness and tenderness?
How to keep cool during a hot flush?
Why are these changes happening in the first place?
You probably have a lot of questions. We discuss these and more in this brief guide on breast sensitivity: menopause edition.

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Menopause, hair thinning and hair loss: Tips & tricks from Michael Douglas

So many women experience hair loss and hair thinning during our midlife years and menopause, which can really impact on self esteem. Katie discussed the changes that happen to our hair as we age with celebrity hairdresser Michael Douglas. Michael offered his expert advice on how to best protect, cut and style our hair, as well as the treatment options that will and won't work to save us all wasting valuable time and money on products that don't make a difference and could even make things worse.

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Your changing skin during perimenopause, menopause and midlife

So many women on our FB group come to us with different skin care concerns, looking for advice and solutions for everything from allergies, acne and rosacea, to sun damage, sensitive, dry, itchy, dull and tired looking complexions. Not to mention fine lines, wrinkles, bags, jowls, crepey, saggy & puffy skin.

But why does our skin change during perimenopause and menopause, and how can fluctuating hormones, lifestyle and the environment around us have an impact?

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Menopause skin care concerns

Clarins listened to all of your biggest midlife beauty concerns and questions and have all the information you need to build an excellent skincare defence for ageing skin.

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How to build the perfect menopausal skincare routine

If life begins at forty, so should a targeted skincare routine. The team at Clarins share tips for getting started during perimenopause and menopause.

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Hair thinning tips from a celebrity stylist

Is your hair thinning in midlife or menopause bothering you? Discover these top tips from a celebrity stylist about how to manage hair thinning in midlife.

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10 top tips for protecting your skin from the sun

Read our top ten tips on how to protect midlife skin in the sun throughout the year.

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