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Menopause Skin Care Concerns

Clarins listened to all of your biggest midlife beauty concerns and questions and have all the information you need to build an excellent skincare defence for ageing skin.

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How To Build The Perfect Menopausal Skincare Routine

If life begins at forty, so should a targeted skincare routine. The team at Clarins share tips for getting started during perimenopause and menopause.

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Hair thinning tips from a celebrity stylist

Is your hair thinning in midlife or menopause bothering you? Discover these top tips from a celebrity stylist about how to manage hair thinning in midlife.

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10 top tips for protecting your skin from the sun

Read our top ten tips on how to protect midlife skin in the sun throughout the year.

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What is Eyebrow Nanoblading?

What is eyebrow nanoblading and how is it done? Award winning permanent make up expert, Karen Betts, tells us more.

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Female Hair Loss

Advice on the causes of female hair loss and tips for managing female midlife hair loss through diet, nutrition and hair treatment.

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Comedones - Common Skin Complaint

Find out how to care for your skin with a recommended routine to help relieve the symptoms of comedones, before going to see your GP.

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How to avoid hair loss and enhance your locks with what you eat!

A myriad of factors influence poor hair growth, thinning hair or hair loss. These may include hormone imbalance, thyroid health, stress and trauma, medications, rapid weight loss and crash diets. Besides investigating any of these underlying causes, our nutritional status is fundamental; our hair follicles will not be prioritised if we are lacking nutrients. Instead […]

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