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Because every woman deserves to thrive in midlife.

The Latte Lounge is a multi-award-winning platform for midlife women.

We're here because we believe all women deserve to thrive in midlife. Our mission is to provide evidence-based, unbiased support, information and signposting for all women's perimenopause, menopause, health and well-being needs.

And the reason we exist is because of our founder, Katie Taylor, and her own debilitating experiences with perimenopause - you can read Katie's story here.

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  • We offer hundreds of articles covering all aspects of midlife: women's health, family and parenting, sex and relationships, nutrition, fitness and more. We've brought together a team of more than 30 writers, including many of our world-renowned medical advisory team, so that you know that everything you read is trusted and backed by science.
  • At the heart of our website is our extensive perimenopause and menopause resources hub - that's your place to learn about your hormones and your treatment options and discover tips on everything from how to manage your menopause at work to how to cope with your symptoms.
  • For those of you needing extra support, our directory of specialists connects you to a searchable list of our network of medical specialists, lawyers, doctors, nutritionists, physios and more for when you need 1:1 guidance.
  • Don't miss our offers page, which houses discounts and promotions from our favourite brands and small businesses that are specifically there for women over 40.
  • And finally, be sure to regularly check out our news and events for the latest free and ticketed events with special guests.

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And there's more...

This website really is just part of our story.

Head to our thriving Facebook group - 'The Latte Lounge: top tips for women over 40', to join more than 20,000 midlife women from more than 70 countries around the world.

It's the original home of The Latte Lounge - set up by our founder Katie Taylor in 2016 after she struggled to find support and information about her own perimenopause symptoms.

Today, it's a safe and supportive place for you to share your concerns and ask questions about anything that's going on in your life. Take a read of what our women are saying about how the community is making a difference in their lives.

Why not also join us on Instagram (@loungethelatte), follow us on Twitter (@lounge_latte), connect with us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our YouTube channel for our latest video interviews.

Work with us

The Latte Lounge now offers a range of support to employers who want to increase awareness of menopause in the workplace. We offer corporate workplace awareness, education and training on perimenopause & menopause and the challenges of ‘the sandwich generation’. We can also support the development and implementation of guidelines or policies. Discover all of our support for employers.

We also partner with a number of trusted brands that we feel are a great match for our community of women over 40, providing regular, reputable, relevant and branded content to our members. Find out more about how to work with The Latte Lounge.

In the media

Our founder Katie Taylor is a prominent voice in national media, speaking about perimenopause, menopause and the experiences of midlife women. Take a look at some of our recent coverage.

Proud supporters of The Eve Appeal

Last but definitely not least, we are proud supporters of our charity partner, The Eve Appeal (the UK’s gynaecological cancer research charity, researching the five main gynae-cancers: Womb, Ovarian, Cervical, Vulva & Vaginal) and through our platform, help to raise awareness and funds where ever possible. If you would like to get involved with any fundraising activities, please do let us know, and we would be delighted to put you in touch.

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