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Why Davina McCall's latest menopause documentary is so timely and important

Sex, Mind and the Menopause looks at the impact of menopause on our mental health, how this affects women at work, the role of testosterone and HRT.

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KATIE'S BLOG: It wasn’t his time - grief during Covid

I’m drained from the bucket loads of tears I’ve shed this week, as we said goodbye to my much loved uncle, my fathers big brother, cruelly taken away from us all, by Covid.

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KATIE'S BLOG: Moving on...out

We bought 3 ducks and hid two when she was born, so that if she ever lost one we’d always have a spare.  Unfortunately one day at the age of about 4, she found the other two and insisted on sleeping with all 3 right up until she started secondary school! I almost wish, like […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: Big girls don't cry... well maybe just a tad!

My beloved @bobbiethecavachontaylor (yes she does have her own instagram account, what’s wrong with that? – sorry for snapping, I’m not currently of stable mind) had made a run for it in the cover of darkness, whilst we were all working at home and had some how managed to burrow her way out of our […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: Feeling Blue Again

Although this lockdown is very much needed (and I’ve sadly seen first hand exactly why) there's no denying the next few months are going to be exceptionally tough this time round. Not just because many of you will be juggling home schooling once again with work/family life whist trying to survive financially too and not […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: Let it be

Last year was hard.  Really hard.   Many of you may have suffered family illness or lost a loved one.   Many of you may have lost your businesses or struggled financially.  Many of you may have fell out of love with your partners and perhaps realised that you can’t live together any more.   While others of […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: Here's to a happy and healthy 2021

On Monday night, my dad was admitted to hospital after suffering a small heart attack. For my mum to have to drop him at the door of A&E and not be allowed to go in with him, was just so incredibly distressing. For my sister and I to not be allowed to go to her […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: My lockdown diaries - a year in the life of a lockdown mum

Reading my own words - in the form of these lockdown diaries - is reliving things, as the story over here in the UK, and indeed right across the globe, started to unfold.   From the early days of positivity, optimism and many, many questions; through to the reflective moments of quality time spent in lockdown […]

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