Why kids could benefit from extra support this autumn

It’s June! We’ve made it out of the woods of a brutal winter lockdown, and the summer we all so badly need is almost upon us. After all the anxiety, stress and disruption you’ve had to put up with, you and your kids are more than entitled to some R&R and a chance to unwind.

Tutoring makes a difference  

Maths is something a lot of children struggle with even during those years when their schooling hasn’t been subject to sudden cancellation for months on end! But the exact nature of those difficulties can vary hugely from child to child. Fractions are like kryptonite for some kids, while geometry causes others to dash for the classroom door. 

With such a range of potential Achilles heels in a class of 30 or more, even the most attentive classroom teachers will struggle to bring every child up to speed with their specific areas of weakness in the curriculum.  

That’s where private tutoring comes in. A great tutor will start by building a precise picture of your child’s current maths skills, so that they can target the specific aspects of the curriculum they find the hardest. They will then plan a course of lessons designed to boost a pupil’s confidence in these areas.

Real teachers make the best tutors 

Being an effective tutor requires more than an encyclopedic knowledge of a chosen subject. Whatever the setting or topic, educating children takes patience, empathy and top-level communication skills. Naturally, the people who do this best tend to be seasoned professional teachers.  

A fully qualified teacher with a wealth of recent classroom experience could make a real difference. They know the curriculum from top to bottom, and they know how to get it into children’s heads.  

Mentors help children recover  

After such a potentially traumatic period of uncertainty and isolation, many children could really benefit from the kind of personal guidance that a great tutor can provide. Having a close relationship with a capable educator can inspire a child and reinvigorate their self-confidence.  

That is another benefit of learning from a qualified teacher, who will be trained in the emotional aspects of education and will have direct experience of pastoral care.  

New technology has changed the game  

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned from the last year, it’s that being in the same room as the people you work with is much less important than it used to be. That’s certainly true of education today too. In a one-to-one context, distance learning is by no means a poor relation of face-to-face tuition. 

Cutting-edge educational technology platforms have made maths lessons fun and engaging. Tutors can pull out amazing learning aids at the click of a button, while pupils have fun playing in an interactive space and exploring new concepts in real-time.

The last year has been a rollercoaster for parents and children, but our hopes for a return to normality have never been higher. If you think your child has suffered some setbacks in their education, then some guided instruction from a trained teacher could quickly get them back on track.  

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