20 Nov 2020

VIDEO INTERVIEW: The great menopause scandal with Kate Muir

I caught up with writer and critic Kate Muir about her revolutionary new book 'The Great Menopause Scandal' and channel 4 documentary of the same name.

Not like the movies

Kate Muir describes her own menopausal journey as a ‘full Thelma and Louise, off the cliff car crash’. 

With no knowledge at the time of perimenopause, she struggled to get the support and correct diagnosis that she needed and her symptoms impacted both her work and homelife. 

Thankfully, having now managed her symptoms through HRT, she’s on a mission to close the knowledge gap about both perimenopause and menopause among women and the medical community. As Kate says, ‘the more stories I hear, the angrier I get.’

The Great Menopause Scandal

Kate has authored a book, The Great Menopause Scandal, which will be published in 2021 and is creating an upcoming campaigning Channel 4 menopause documentary with Davina McCall. She is also on the boards of The Menopause Charity and Birds’ Eye View, which campaigns for women in film. 

Previously she was Chief Film Critic of The Times and a features writer for the newspaper in New York, Paris and Washington. Her three novels are Suffragette City, Left Bank and West Coast. She has three children and lives with her partner in London. 

In this 30 minute conversation we discuss:

  • Kate’s own experience with menopause.
  • What she’s learnt about perimenopause and menopause - including the important role of testosterone to women’s health.
  • Why she believes there has been a ‘great menopause scandal’ and how her revolutionary new book, out next year, will address this.
  • How she enlisted the support of TV’s Davina McCall as presenter for her upcoming documentary 
  • Her work with The Menopause Charity and what it aims to achieve.

For more information about menopause and perimenopause visit our Menopause Resource area and download our free 34 symptoms of perimenopause and menopause symptom checker.

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