21 Nov 2022

Top tips to help improve your health and wellbeing during the winter

As the colder months are upon us and the festive season begins, we know it can be harder to stick to healthy habits, so we are delighted to share some top tips from Parla, a Holland and Barrett company, on navigating menopause through the winter months. 

Get your Vitamin D 

Getting plenty of Vitamin D is great for bone health and reducing the risk of osteoporosis, which is something many of us worry about. With the nights drawing in, sunshine (a great source of Vitamin D) may be in short supply right now, so a Vitamin D supplement can help keep your levels topped up. However, spending time outside, even if the sun isn’t shining bright, is great for your mental health, immune system and hormonal balance, so try to schedule a walk in nature (or at least around the block!) during any breaks you have during the day.

Keep Moving 

Exercise has been proven time and time again to improve symptoms of the menopause - as well as giving your mood a boost! Menopausal fatigue and chilly weather can make it hard to find the motivation to get moving - but even an-at home yoga class or 15 minute dance around the kitchen, or a brisk walk around the block will help get your heart rate up and keep low mood at bay. 

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Balance your diet 

When winter comes, comfort foods are a must - but it’s also possible to have a healthy holiday season whilst supporting your hormonal health. Batch cooking warming soups full of menopause friendly ingredients is a great way to get through the colder months. We love this Carrot and Ginger Soup which gives you a dose of turmeric - known for helping hot flushes and joint pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Watch Out for Alcohol 

With Christmas party season just around the corner, alcohol is about to take centre stage in our social lives. Whilst the odd tipple is totally fine, some women find that drinking alcohol can make their symptoms - including hot flashes and insomnia - worse. Why not try occasionally swapping your glass of wine for a sparkly soft drink like  kombucha - which is much kinder to your gut, body and mind. 

Reduce Stress 

Whether you're trying to stay on top of work deadlines or playing social-sudoku with all your upcoming plans, this time of year can get stressful. Many symptoms of the menopause are intrinsically linked to our stress levels, so make sure to take some time for you, nurture your emotional health and make self-care a priority. 

Stock up on Supplements 

Vitamin D is just one of the vitamins we can find ourselves deficient in at this time of year - which is why supplements can be so helpful. It can sometimes be difficult to know which vitamins and nutrients can best support your hormonal health during this time, but Holland and Barrett have created their Menopause Day and Menopause Night, approved by experts, to help you get the ones you need. 

Watch the full interview with Nutritional Therapist, Le'Nise Brothers on how to manage your Menopause symptoms holistically.

Managing your menopause symptoms holistically with Nutritionist, Le'Nise Brothers.

Learn how to manage your menopause symptoms holistically with Nutritionist, Le'Nise Brothers. In this session, Le'Nise shares her top tips on how to look after yourself both mentally and physically during the winter months.

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