13 Jun 2018


I’m so tired. Dog tired, I think they call it. Can’t understand why.

Why a I not just tired, but dog tired?  Is it the 4 children?

After all I’ve only sat my uni finals, auditioned for drama schools, taken my driving test 3 times, done my GCSEs and practiced for my grade 5 guitar exam. (Sorry kids I absorbed the lot!). I’ve shopped and packed with each for THEIR various summer holidays (lucky them). And spent all year taxiing them around to their hearts content (you fool I hear you say?).

Or Is it work?

I started a business, working pretty much 24:7, with very little time left to sleep or eat. I’ve rushed from meeting to meeting, my head has rushed from one idea to the next and I’m constantly running trying to make sure we can help as many women as possible with all their own midlife issues.

Perhaps it’s the exercise regime?

I am half way through a 12 week fitness and weight loss course which means getting up at 5.45am each morn walking the dog to get in a quarter of my required daily 12.5k steps (don't forget the .5 fgs!), doing 250 sit-ups, press ups, and various other ups whilst simultaneously ensuring I drink enough water and green tea and curbing the carbs where possible.

I’d like to think its running a home?

However these days my once bursting fridge is empty, my once immaculate house is a mess, meals are becoming a lot more shop bought than home cooked and some how it’s become less of a priority.

How ‘bout being a wife, daughter, sister, friend?

Well my husband, family and friends have had one text a week from me, in the last year, which in my book is disgraceful, I’ve always prided myself in putting my family, friends and kids first and I miss them and I suspect some of them may miss me (but then again I fear they are just as busy themselves!).

Or maybe, just maybe, dare I state the blindingly obvious, it’s all these things combined?

Uh? Helloooooo. Yes!

So how’s that work: life balance thing going I hear you say?


OK so i stand here today hands held high, not in the slightest bit embarrassed, to say out loud “NO I’M NOT SUPERHUMAN, NOR DO I WANT TO BE AND I’M TIRED”

I feel the burn out approaching, so NOW is the time to STOP before i CRASH.

I’m sure I’m not alone and this all probably sounds very familiar to many midlife women, especially at this time of the year. We are all trying to juggle SO many things and not just that but we want to do it well. But we can’t, or we crash and burn out and then whose there to look after us so we can look after them?

So my advice to myself and to all us women who are feeling a similar burn out at this time of year is-

Stop. Breath. Rest.

We need to be kind to ourselves and realise it’s actually ok to say No! To stop working into the night, to stop taxiing kids around, to reduce or put on hold the fitness regime, to worry less about the house and most importantly to PRIORITISE what’s really important to keep us happy - health, family and friends.

So I don’t know about you lot but I am booking a night away right now to remember what my hubby looks like, I’m planning some nice evenings out with friends and family and I’m turning my work head off each night by 6pm just for a bit.

As for those bloody steps I'm strapping my pedometer on the dog and she can run round the garden doing them for me!

Normal service will resume shortly!

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