The ultimate University packing list: What you need to shop for

The Latte Lounge has created the ultimate University packing list so that you’ll know what to buy and what to pack for your loved one.

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If you have a son or daughter moving to University and you’re wondering what you need to buy and pack, then look no further! Our University packing list is your complete guide to all of the packing essentials for the University student of 2023.

It covers everything you'll need, including cooking items, bathroom and bedroom items and a few treat suggestions too! The guide also includes suggestions from our 25,000+ strong Facebook community of midlife mums. You can print off the guide to tick off each item as you buy it and pack it.

Once you've started thinking about the packing, then read on for a copy of our free student cookbook too!

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Download your copy of our university packing list here:

Print it out, tick it off - sorted!

We're also delighted to offer a student cookbook - packed with tasty treats such as Chicken & Ginger Stir Fry, Easy Lamb Skewers and Veggie Pittas. Each meal is easy to make, with simple ingredients, and there's swaps listed for when your teen doesn't quite have the right ingredients to hand. A huge thank you to The Latte Lounge Nutritionist Lisa Swabel for authoring this cookbook for us.

Download your copy to give to your child here:

What your teen needs to do before starting university

Dental check-ups, student loans, mobile phone contracts and more - there can be a long list of preparations your teen needs to make before they head off to Uni.

Head to our guide for how to prepare your teen for university for all of the top tips.

The Latte Lounge's Big Shopping and University Packing List:

We've included our recommendations from Amazon here to make shopping even easier! All the below links are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, we will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalise a purchase.


Bathing & showering


Clothes & washing


Other bits & pieces

Treats to keep them going!

All our recommendations are saved here in this handy list on Amazon

The Latte Lounge - Katie Taylor's Amazon Page - University Packing List

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