KATIE'S BLOG: The 'not so secret' diary of a midlife menopausal mum

A year ago, as well as deciding to build this website for our Facebook Group, i thought i would try and put together a collection of my midlife blogs that i had shared once a month on the group, as i'd always fancied writing a book.

Ok so its hardly the next J.K. Rowling best seller, and quite frankly, i'm not even sure if it can really even be classed as a book per se, but hey, it's my little book/diary/mad embarrassing moments over the last year, which also celebrates The Latte Lounge Facebook Group and I hope many of you will find it very light hearted, relatable and easy to read.

What's even more lovely is it is illustrated by my very clever dad (Prof Michael Baum) who is not only a surgeon, but also an extremely talented artist (he certainly didn't pass down either of those genes down to me, that's for sure!).

Anyway, if you did fancy having a read you can always pop it in the toilet for next time you are feeling a tad constipated -you can just about read it in one sitting!

From weight gain, memory issues, hormones and exercise failiures to kids, parents, dogs, men, holidays and going back to work, i think it pretty much covers it all.

It is available to buy on Amazon for only £4.99 (bargain!) and I would so appreciate you leaving me a review ideally like the ones below!!!

Available to purchase here now: https://tinyurl.com/y7pv2jfk

Anyway enough blatant self publicity, but a huge big shout out of thanks must go to the amazingly patient Nicky Fitzmaurice at Satin Publishing!


Available to purchase now: https://tinyurl.com/y7pv2jfk

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