22 Jul 2022

Menopause Skin Care Concerns

Clarins listened to all of your biggest midlife beauty concerns and questions and have all the information you need to build an excellent skincare defence for ageing skin.

Menopause and its predecessor perimenopause are a time of hormonal havoc, and while hot flushes and mood swings get a lot of press, these fluctuations also take a toll on our skin. “Menopause and the hormonal changes associated with it bring a host of changes to the skin, prime amongst them the increasing pace of collagen loss within the skin dermis resulting in loss of firmness and prominence of fine lines,” says dermatologist Dr Sina Ghadiri founder of Topi skin. Plus, troublesome acne that should dutifully have retired after our teenage years can rear its head once again. Only this time around, because skin regeneration is slowing, blemishes and marks also take longer to heal. But fret not; we’ve listened to all your biggest beauty concerns, questions and bugbears and have all the information you need to build an excellent defence. Answers below!

Midlife facial skin concerns


One of the most common questions is, "I have such dull skin and need to get my youthful glow back." Dullness occurs during menopause because the turnover of our skin cells slows, causing a build-up of dead skin cells. To remedy this, introduce an exfoliating acid toner to your routine to slough away dead skin, revealing a smoother and more polished complexion beneath. But do avoid over-using active ingredients or opting for aggressive physical exfoliants, as skin thins during menopause, and you don't want to risk causing more harm than good.

Clarins Super Restorative Smoothing Treatment Essence, part of the innovative skincare line for menopausal women from Clarins, gently but visibly boosts skin radiance.


Oestrogen is an important factor in regulating the skin’s hydration, and as it depletes during menopause, skin becomes drier and thinner, and its ability to retain water lessens. Look out for ceramides and hyaluronic acid in your skincare; the latter is a powerful ingredient that can hold 1,000 times its weight in water so that it can drench dry complexions. We’re often asked to recommend a good all-round moisturiser for the over-40s? So take a look at the Clarins Super Restorative range of day and night creams that cater to all skin types, including very dry skin.

Sun damage

If you were a devoted sun worshipper in another lifetime, you might have the tell-tale age spots or dark spots, and many people ask us, 'How to lessen their appearance?' "If you have sun-damaged skin already, it is doubly important both to be using a high factor sunscreen with 5 star UVA protection, but also ensuring you persevere with a regular topical retinoid application, the choice of which will depend on how sensitive your skin is – this will stimulate collagen production fighting against fine lines and wrinkles." Says Dr Ghadiri.

Another question is, ‘Can I use sun cream over foundation,’ and the answer is a resounding yes. “You absolutely can put sunscreen over foundation, and it is important not to forget this step,” says Dr Ghadiri. “This just makes it more important to choose a sunscreen which is lightweight yet effective and may involve choosing a good chemical sunscreen over the heavier mineral sunscreens.”

There’s also SPF mists you can buy that spray over-the-top of existing make-up and won’t ruin all your artistry.

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Acne is a problem that sadly isn't solely reserved for teenage years. There are a few theories about why acne is a problem for many menopausal women, from hormone imbalances to increased sebum production. And the harsh, drying treatments you find for teenage acne might not be suitable for menopausal sensitive skin. People frequently request product recommendations that won’t make the problem worse. Look for face cleansers that will soothe rather than exacerbate such as Clarins Hydrating Gentle Foaming Cleanser. Rich in moisturising ingredients, it won’t dry out your skin while deeply cleansing. Or purifying treatments that clean, refresh, and help minimise pores and acne.

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Sagging jowls

A common problem as we age, we are often asked, 'How our skincare regime could be adapted to help with jowls.' "Sagging jowls, unfortunately, are a phenomenon related to the decrease of two key proteins in your skin as you age – elastin and collagen, which causes the skin to hang loosely," says Dr Sina. Studies show that during the first five years of menopause, women's skin loses around 30 % of its collagen. Here, wonder ingredients like retinol or peptides come into their own, as they help boost collagen production in your skin. Try Clarins Super Restorative Remodelling Serum which contains harungana, a gentler alternative to retinol, that will lift your features and redefine the contours of your face.

Sensitive skin

When we reach the age of 50, the pH level of our skin begins to change, meaning that skin can become more sensitive and irritated. Those with skin conditions like rosacea or eczema may find that it worsens during this time and should seek the help of their dermatologist for skin-soothing solutions. Those looking for 'serum recommendations for sensitive skin' should look out for Clarins Calm-Essential Soothing Serum, a fragrance-free formula perfect for sensitive, dry and irritated skin.


Dry Eyelids

Complaints of sore and itchy skin in the eye area are common for women before and during menopause as skin thins; thus, 'How to soothe sore, itchy skin in this area' is another common concern. "Eyelids are prone to dryness like any other area of skin through menopause; however, because the skin tends to be very thin around the eyelid, this can appear more prominent," says Dr Ghiadri. Therefore, opt for a deeply hydrating eye cream such as Clarins Total Eye Hydrate to soothe dry eyes. "Eyelids can also be easily missed when applying moisturiser, so make sure you close your eyes and apply a pea-sized amount of your favourite moisturiser over them both am and pm," adds Dr Sini.

Crows Feet

People will always search for solutions to fine lines and wrinkles in the eye. Lines around your eyes are often caused by your expressions (who could begrudge a lifetime's worth of laughter), but as skin thins during menopause, they can become more exaggerated. Clarins Total Eye Smooth targets wrinkles and visibly firms the eye area. Others are concerned about - 'Puffiness and dark circles'; Clarins Total Eye Contour Gel contains purifying plant extracts and caffeine to leave skin refreshed and radiant.

Find out more about the Clarins skincare line here

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Written by Sarah Joan Ross, Editor at Beauty Daily 

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