12 Dec 2022

Starting soon: The Latte Lounge Podcast Series 2

Listen to Series 2 of The Latte Lounge podcast as we explore menopause and midlife with expert guests.

The second series of The Latte Lounge ‘Midlife & Menopause Uncovered’ podcast launches tomorrow (Tuesday 13 December) - and we've got another great line-up of guest experts.

This new series will cover everything from how to optimise your nutrition, overcoming insomnia and improving sleep, understanding and managing hot flushes & skin changes, coping with anxiety and dealing with heavy bleeding and other menstrual concerns too.

Simply search for The Latte Lounge podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts to ‘follow’ so that you don’t miss any episodes. Or click the link here (works best on mobile).

Here’s a full run-down of all six episodes so you can see what’s in store!

  • Nutrition essentials for your 40s and 50s with Jackie Lynch
  • Improving sleep and overcoming insomnia during perimenopause, menopause and midlife with Professor Guy Leschziner
  • Help for hot flushes with Dr Naomi Potter
  • How to reduce anxiety during perimenopause, menopause and midlife with Dr Wendy Molefi
  • Heavy bleeding and irregular periods in perimenopause with Dr Heather Currie
  • Your changing skin during perimenopause, menopause and midlife with Dr Nighat Arif

Remember to subscribe/follow our podcast now and you’ll get to listen to series one in the meantime, with episodes on all you need to know when it comes to navigating perimenopause & menopause, sexual health and wellbeing and understanding the importance of fitness in midlife, menopause and beyond.

Thank you to our sponsor - Clarins


This series of The Latte Lounge podcast is sponsored by Clarins, Luxury Skin Care & Cosmetic Products For Everyone. The No.1 Prestige Skin Care Brand In Europe. 

Thank you to our podcast producer - Emily Crosby Media.

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