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We have curated a list of fantastic discounts and offers, from our trusted partners, aimed specifically at the needs of  midlife women.

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50% off first lesson with Strive Tutors

We specialise in providing families with experienced classroom teachers (some of whom are also GCSE and A Level examiners) to ensure that students’ learning is focused, targeted and comprehensive. Our tutors are  trained in Special Educational Needs and adept at handling a range of emotional and behavioural disorders too. We have a talented array of […]

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20% Off - Stay Cool With Become Clothing

Who says all of the solutions to hot flushes and night sweats have to be medical?
Sometimes the answer you need could be as simple as the right clothing.

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25% off Silicolskin - the 10-minute gel to banish spots from your skin

Stress, diet and hormonal changes such as menopause for older women or during periods for teenagers, can trigger break-outs of pimples, red spots and yellow pus-filled spots which can be distressing. Recommended by make-up artist, Aimee Adams, Silicolskin 10-minute gel (RRP £9.79) for problem skin contains natural silica which calms the epidermis, and binds with […]

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10% Off Online Maths Tuition with TuitionWorks

TuitionWorks offers one-to-one online maths lessons with specialist tutors. Our tutors are all qualified teachers, connected to the curriculum and trained to teach pupils

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XUL Architects

We are efficient and responsive, and put particular focus on the client’s experience as well as in finding ingenious ways of bringing light into architecture. With more than 230 projects completed, we believe each client is special and has a story to tell. We listen to your needs and do what it takes to meet […]

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Green & Peter Chartered Accountants

We look after sole traders, partnerships and Limited Companies preparing their accounts and taxation and providing business support and advice. Over 50% of the practice is looking after creative people and businesses such as art, fashion, music, TV , film , photographers and models. We also look after clients investing in property either in their […]

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40% off Sylk Natural Lubricant

A Uniqely Natural and Silky Lubricant. Sylk is water-based, colourless, odourless, tasteless and and contains no nasties – that’s no harmful chemicals, hormones, or parabens. It matches your vagina’s natural pH, helping to keep bacteria at bay whilst gently and safely hydrating and moisturising your most intimate area. Whether dryness is due to pregnancy or […]

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Cavendish Homecare

Regardless of your age or condition we offer superior care in your home allowing you to recover and live comfortably and independently. We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding level of private home care for you, your loved one and patients referred professionally. Our core ethos at Cavendish Homecare is centred around devising care that […]

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