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Liz Dorfman runs LD Health Solutions from Bushey.
Liz Dorfman

If you would like a free, no-obligation review of your personal or company private healthcare plan, do get in touch.

After a 5-minute chat, we will review the whole market in relation to your current benefits, health and premium and hopefully get you comparable or more coverage for a lower premium (on a no worse-terms basis).

Liz is an independent healthcare specialist directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. In her first year in 2009, she was nominated as the best newcomer in the insurance industry.

With over 800 clients from around the UK, she looks to improve the benefits and significantly reduce the premiums of her clients- both companies and individuals. In most (but not all situations) if a client has got a private healthcare plan, it is possible to cover previous conditions with another insurer.

Liz’s greatest successes have been with clients who have loyally stayed with one insurer for far too long and who are paying ridiculous premiums- in such cases, she has reduced their premiums substantially.

Whilst Liz’s main focus is private healthcare, she is also licensed to sell international private healthcare, life cover and critical illness cover. All her work is done on the phone and e-mail, which reduces the amount of time her clients need to spend.

Liz became an independent healthcare specialist 12 years ago, having been made redundant from her previous role as a management trainer for a pharmaceutical company. Being made redundant was “the best thing that ever happened to her”, although this was devastating at the time. This apparent disaster gave her the push to set up her own business once she had begged a colleague to train her! Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly 20 years, she has a good understanding of clients’ ailments and medications, which makes it easier to understand their issues and set up the right plan for their needs.

Liz is also a trained psychologist with a Master's in Medical Psychology and a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel.

If you would like to set up a plan for the first time or would like a review of your current private healthcare plan, do give Liz a call. A quick 5-minute call could bring you huge joy! Her advice is free, independent, and there is no obligation.

Contact LD Health Solutions:

Phone: 01923 241258

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