iGo STEM Summer Camp discount

iGo STEM are offering a 5% discount on our virtual summer camp where children learn from experts. They will be taught important skills, such as analytical thinking and creativity, and will develop a growth mindset through our fun activities!

We offer afterschool clubs, tutoring, and our famous Summer Camp! We are passionate about helping children be the best they can be and instilling a growth mindset. You can find out about our events on our website, social media pages, or at one of our open house events. Afterschool activities: Our afterschool activities act as mini versions of our summer camps, bringing one of our amazing STEM activities to your home for 6 to 8 weeks. Our exceptional tutors walk children through their activities, so they can make something awesome and fun.

Tutoring: Our tutors are all competent in their subjects, confident educators, and have experience teaching in a classroom.  Summer Camp: Our main event! Each year we hold Summer Camps where we host a variety of exciting STEM activities and workshops. Each week children will experience various Language Arts, Electives, daily STEM activities, and week-long STEM activities. This year we are holding it virtually with parents being sent activity kits so that children can do everything from home.


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Expiry date: Aug 30th 2021

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