Save £100 and enjoy free shipping (usually £99) on a Marodyne LiV low-intensity vibration device to boost your bone health

Menopause is a risk factor for osteoporosis due to the drop in oestrogen at this time.  Oestrogen plays a key part in forming bone tissue so when your levels of this hormone fall during menopause, your body’s ability to build healthy bone tissue also falls.

You can protect your bones using Marodyne LiV - the world’s first device clinically approved to prevent and treat osteoporosis. ‘LiV’ stands for ‘Low Intensity Vibration’ which is proven to stimulate the body’s bone building cells to reform bone and muscle tissue

LiV is backed by over 50 years of scientific research and Marodyne LiV is clinically proven to naturally prevent and combat osteoporosis while improving movement, flexibility and freedom in just 10 minutes a day.   The device is very easy to use: you simply stand on it for 10 minutes a day to let the low-intensity vibrations send a pleasant and gentle buzz through your body.  It has no side-effects or contraindications, meaning it can be used safely alongside all prescription drugs and/or HRT medication commonly offered during and after menopause.


How to redeem this offer

Marodyne LiV is offering Latte Lounge members a £100 saving on the RRP of £2,995.00 and free shipping (worth £99).

Please call 0117 253 0400 and quote 'LatteLIV' at the point of order.

You can buy Marodyne LiV for £2895.00 including: free travel case, 5-year warranty and free fully-insured courier delivery (usually £99).

For a no-obligation call before you buy, phone 0117 253 0400.

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