Access our online menopause clinic - and online appointments with a doctor - from just £45

Get an online appointment with an experienced menopause doctor, a personalised treatment plan to manage symptoms, and prescriptions, if right for you, delivered to your door - all for £45 a month (and that includes prescriptions too).

The Latte Lounge has joined forces with Stella, the online clinic for menopause care, to create The Latte Lounge Plus giving you direct access to an all-encompassing, personalised menopause lifestyle & medical support service.

We're including everything you need for your menopause symptoms: treatment options such as HRT, recommended products, online doctor's appointments, and ongoing support - all in one place. You can get started for just £45 a month.

After completing an initial FREE online assessment, if eligible, you’ll be given:

  • An online doctor's appointment with an experienced menopause doctor (provided by Stella)
  • An individual, tailored menopause treatment plan
  • HRT, if eligible (and if your preference), posted directly to your home within 3-5 days
  • Ongoing support to include follow-up doctor appointments, 1:1 and group coaching sessions, weekly exercise classes and expert masterclasses.

Take the free online assessment today for recommended treatments based on your symptoms, lifestyle and medical history.

"Feeling fantastic, better than I have been in years. It’s as if a five-year hangover has suddenly gone"

Leanne, 48

Go behind the scenes of The Latte Lounge Plus

Have you ever wondered how an online menopause clinic works? 

Or whether you get to see an actual doctor in an online appointment? 

And how do prescriptions work after the consultation?

We've gone behind the scenes to answer all these questions and more about our new clinic.

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