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Haskapa is a delicious antioxidant and anthocyanin rich berry powder, made with 100% haskap berries and nothing else.

Haskapa (pronounced 'Has-cap-ah') is the brainchild of married couple Evie, a medical doctor and Simon, a green entrepreneur. In 2010 they discovered a way to combine their two passions – lifestyle medicine and the environment - by growing haskap berries in Nova Scotia and researching their nutritional potential. Haskapa the company was born.

Haskapa berry powder is freeze-dried to preserve the nutritional value and deliciously tangy-sweet flavour.

Each 100g pouch of powder is made with around 800 haskap berries and is easy to add to your everyday routine.

1-2 teaspoons of powder in your daily smoothie, porridge or yogurt is equivalent to eating a handful of fresh berries.

More information about Haskapa:

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