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For over a decade we’ve been placing home tutors with students – and we pride ourselves on our track record for ensuring the perfect match. We work closely with you to understand your child and their requirements – and then select and recommend the most qualified and experienced tutors to suit. 

We are renowned for the high quality of our tutors. All have exceptional academic records and serve both as inspiring educators and positive role models. We have a rigorous recruitment procedure, and only select tutors that we feel confident will personify our commitment to high quality. Watling Tutors Classroom We’ve now also opened Watling Tutors Classroom at Battlers Green Farm in Radlett, which offers stimulating and engaging group sessions, for academic and extra-curricular enrichment.   Unlike traditional group tuition, our Classroom tutor groups are limited to a small, manageable number of students that allows us to give each individual the personal attention and guidance they need at a price parents can afford.  In our beautiful, countryside setting, we go beyond the narrow confines of the curriculum, also offering inspiring enrichment activities to help form confident, well-rounded individuals.

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We offer afterschool clubs, tutoring, and our famous Summer Camp! We are passionate about helping children be the best they can be and instilling a growth mindset. You can find out about our events on our website, social media pages, or at one of our open house events. Afterschool activities: Our afterschool activities act as mini versions of our summer camps, bringing one of our amazing STEM activities to your home for 6 to 8 weeks. Our exceptional tutors walk children through their activities, so they can make something awesome and fun.

Tutoring: Our tutors are all competent in their subjects, confident educators, and have experience teaching in a classroom.  Summer Camp: Our main event! Each year we hold Summer Camps where we host a variety of exciting STEM activities and workshops. Each week children will experience various Language Arts, Electives, daily STEM activities, and week-long STEM activities. This year we are holding it virtually with parents being sent activity kits so that children can do everything from home.


We specialise in providing families with experienced classroom teachers (some of whom are also GCSE and A Level examiners) to ensure that students’ learning is focused, targeted and comprehensive.

Our tutors are  trained in Special Educational Needs and adept at handling a range of emotional and behavioural disorders too. We have a talented array of teachers to cover every subject, Key Stage and learning need, offering our clients a truly bespoke education service. Some of our tutors specialise in revision technique and general organisation as well as subject specific topics, and can help students with their workload and motivation.

Our main focus is private one to one lessons, however, we also teach small group lessons and larger revision courses to ensure that we appeal to all clients, needs and budgets. Our tutors are DBS checked and can travel to students’ homes for lessons and work flexibly with students to ensure they achieve success.

Tuition Works

TuitionWorks offers one-to-one online maths lessons with specialist tutors. Our tutors are all qualified teachers, connected to the curriculum and trained to teach pupils across all learning styles. Tuition is delivered online.

Customers get the best tutors, regardless of their location.

To get you started, we offer a free 15-minute maths assessment. Once completed, join your free 15-minute tutor meet-and-greet. Discuss assessment results, your child’s learning style, and a development plan. Lessons are arranged in our state-of-the-art online maths whiteboard. Students love it.

Our Customer Success Team are here to support you. Call or email us with any questions.

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Website: www.tuitionworks.com
EMail: enquiries@tuitionworks.com
Phone: 020 3219 7777

Dr Natalie Lancer

Dr Natalie Lancer an independent university course and careers adviser (www.myuniapplication.com), helping students of all ages make choices about what and where to study, and advising them on writing personal statements and CVs.
She also offers mock interviews for Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Architecture applications as well as preparation for internship and job interviews.

Building on her career as a teacher, Assistant Headteacher, and Director of Studies, Natalie is now an accredited coach, specialising in coaching and mentoring young adults in having the confidence to take the next steps, whether that be a university course or a job.
She has launched a suite of online courses to make your aspirations for your child a reality. Her heavily subscribed signature course is ‘How to apply and get in to Oxford, Cambridge and other top UK universities' for parents and their kids. She has created two free guides for students and their parents. Click HERE to download Natalie’s ‘5 tips for Choosing GCSEs and A-levels’ and HERE to download her ‘5 tips for choosing what to study at university’.
Expert advice and guidance with:

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Website:  www.myuniapplication.com
Email: natalie@natalielancer.com
Phone: 07747 612513

She has written two books: Lancer, N., Clutterbuck, D. and Megginson, D. (2016). Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring (2nd edn). Oxford: Routledge and Lancer, N. (2008) Getting into Oxford and Cambridge (11th edn). Richmond: Sage.

Lancer Coaching

Natalie Lancer Education Guru
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