11 Aug 2020

KATIE'S BLOG: My 40 year bikini drought

After a long, busy 3/4 of a year juggling the usual work, home, family life and living through all this COVID chaos, resulting in no summer holiday, I decided to take an hour off today to lie in the garden and enjoy this rare heatwave the U.K. is enjoying.

I also have decided to announce some breaking news..... after 40 years i’ve finally braved wearing a bikini!.

Sadly I’m not on holiday on some tropical island, but never the less, It’s totally liberating and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the body confidence to do it, I’m ashamed to say (don’t tell me off!).

However the phrase; ‘this life is not a dress rehearsal’, popped into my head about half an hour ago and it suddenly dawned on me, if not now, when?!

So here I am aged 51, lying in all my glory, scars from 4 c-sections, 1 hysterectomy, a gallbladder and hernia op mostly hidden away, not caring what anyone else thinks I look like - well only the dog can see me right now, so all is good!

But tell me.....Is this the first step towards turning into one of those sweary, rebellious oaps who have no filter perhaps? (I do hope so!).

Meanwhile if anyone else is looking for some flattering 40/50 yr old plus swimwear, I have finally found two companies, who make fab bikinis cut for us midlife women, that don’t make us look like we are trying to fish out some dental floss from our nether regions!: Thankyou Pour Moi & Fig Leaves.

Enjoy the sunshine all!

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