The Latte Lounge website was developed as a landing page for the Facebook group, in response to the massive success of its rapidly growing community. In just over three years, the group now has over 20,000 highly engaged women over 40, in 69 countries across the world, who regularly contribute to the conversations on a daily basis.

A virtual coffee shop for women from all walks of life to share tips, recommendations, advice and experience whilst offering support and a sense of community.

We have a team of over 30 bloggers and medical contributors and work with a number of brands to bring regular, great, relevant and branded content to our members.

If you are a brand, or would like to discuss advertising options with us, please send an email to – We’d love to hear from you. We can offer a number of options for brand marketing, including ROS advertising, sponsored content and more. We are also keen to consider brand collaborations and licensing.  If you have an idea, suggest it, we might say yes and you too can be part of this awesome group of women!

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Latte Lounge in the News

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What do our Facebook group members say about us?

“This group has truly been my saviour and has made me feel that i am not alone going through the various symptoms of menopause.  I cannot thank Katie Taylor and the team behind her enough for all the help and advice they have given me and for giving me the courage to open up and seek help.” Andrea Appell Kalisky

“Katie and team, thank you for holding my hand and showing me the way, along with thousands of other members. I will always be truly grateful and I will continue to help and support you in everything you do.  The Latte Lounge is fantastic.” Claire V Martin Price

“Katie I wanted to say a massive thank you. The Latte Lounge has been fantastic for my business. New clients often ring me because of your group. I honestly never imagined that would happen by joining, as I have usually paid for leads or my own clients recommend. But it has been quite wonderful being in the directory and being a member too, I have benefited hugely and I don’t think you know. All the other information is wonderful too and that is the reason I joined and stay in this group.” Liz Dorfman

“I really appreciate having this group on tap… with everything from curtain makers to health and lifestyle practitioners. To think we used to rely on Yellow Pages!  Thank you Katie” Lynda Putsman Young

“This page is an absolute godsend. You’re all amazing and I read all of your posts, answers, recommendations, advise. I now feel I’m not alone anymore.” Christina Godlike

“What the lovely Katie Taylor has done is to create very simply a Community; a tribe for us moody and manic menopausals to share our ups and our downs.  To learn and laugh at the same time. It’s a safe place to air some really, really difficult stuff if you so choose, but also to be something of a ‘voyeur’ on the lives of other women who are ALL in the same place, experiencing the same stuff and making you feel ITS OK; YOU’RE NORMAL!  But most importantly, I feel supported, encouraged and lucky and The Latte Lounge is a Tribe I’m very happy to have found.”          Amanda Reuben

“I love what Katie Taylor has created with The Latte Lounge-an intelligent, warm, caring, helpful group and website for us midlife women.  She has such strong morals and runs an ethical and reputable site that we are all lucky to be a part of. One question – when are you launching your own TV show!. Keep up the good work.” Samantha Trinzick  

“Thank you for providing us all with an outlet to rant, confess, laugh and cry. I have spoken to so many women this year who I have pointed in the direction of the website or Facebook page, and how delighted and pleased they have been with the results. So a very heart felt thank you to you and all your volunteers and may we hit 30,000 in 2019.”  Jennie Tarsnane

“I use The Latte Lounge instead of Google now. It literally is my one stop shop for everything!” Barbara Stevens