06 Nov 2019

Make Menopause Matter heads to Westminster

To mark World Menopause Day, we joined our friends and colleagues, Diane Danzebrink and Andrea Swan (Menopause Support), back in Westminster to share and support the #makemenopausematter campaign with cross party MPs.

We were overwhelmed with the attendance and interest from so many politicians who all came in to hear about the campaign and offer their support.

Diane Danzebrink started this campaign to make menopause matter after her own debilitating menopause experience.

The campaign has three main aims calling for:

  1. Mandatory menopause training for GPs and for a mandatory menopause module to be taught at every medical school. 
  2. Menopause support in the workplace
  3. Menopause education in the PSHE school curriculum. 

This lack of education and awareness is costing women their health and wellbeing, their careers and their relationships but it is also costing the NHS. Better education would result in quicker diagnosis, fewer GP appointments and onward referrals and huge time and money savings for the NHS.

Women also need to be better supported in the workplace. Studies show that women have very little support - some are forced to give up work altogether as a result of their symptoms.

Supporting women to remain at work by implementing a few simple adjustments is common sense. Government and business need to recognise that menopause guidance in every workplace is a win win situation.

It is also time to make menopause education and awareness a priority for our young people in the RSE curriculum. Age appropriate education will ensure more autonomy for women and greater understanding and compassion from those around them. (Update: menopause included in RSE curriculum in England from Sept 2020 thanks to everyone who supported this campaign!] 

The campaign has also taken a look at suicide figures in the UK: The age group for women with the highest suicide rate in the U.K is regularly between 45 and 54. The average age of menopause is 51.

If you haven't already signed the petition please help us now by signing and sharing on your own platforms:

For more information and support with menopause please head to our dedicated resources area.

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