What could be more fulfilling than a good chat with a girlfriend?

It’s definitely the best form of therapy I know. Well now we can have that comforting chat, or a word of support, advice and recommendation, here at The Latte Lounge.

We can read articles written by women like us, talking about those issues that concern women like us. We can let our hair down, show our vulnerability and our strength, voice our concerns and share our successes. We can be a listening ear to others or seek advice for ourselves. We can discover new places, products, parenting skills, nutritional, health and fitness tips, all relevant to us and our diverse interests and needs.

Because, we are not just one thing. We are mothers, wives, girlfriends, working mums, carers, sisters, aunts, some even grandmas. And we are constantly changing – in our roles, in our minds and in our bodies. We are a work in progress.

By this stage in our lives many of us may have changed jobs several times, reinvented ourselves (or tried to), changed our hair and our style, we have moved in different directions that we would never have imagined. Some changes we may find hard to accept.

We know by now that life can throw us all manner of challenges. The Latte Lounge is a place where you can share with other women of the same age, learn from others and support each other to embrace life after 40. And of course, have fun!

So let me welcome you to the Lounge Blog area. Here you will find articles written by our team of professional contributors who are all women over 40, run their own businesses and are members of The Latte Lounge Facebook group. From fashion, beauty, fitness and finance to menopause, hormones, work and home life, we hope you will find their tips, articles and advice really helpful and informative.

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Happy reading,

Katie x