02 Jan 2021

KATIE'S BLOG: Let it be

Happy new year everyone.   Whilst the media, and so many of your social feeds, will be full of phrases such as ‘good riddance 2020’ and ‘new year, new me’ promises I wanted to welcome in 2021 with a plea for you all to take all pressures off yourself and just BE.

Last year was hard. 

Really hard.  

Many of you may have suffered family illness or lost a loved one.  

Many of you may have lost your businesses or struggled financially. 

Many of you may have fell out of love with your partners and perhaps realised that you can’t live together any more.  

While others of you may have spent the best part of last year alone and not by choice.

Many of you and/or your kids may have suffered with your mental health. 

Many of your plans will have been cancelled.  

The last thing any of us need right now is to start the year putting unrealistic goals and pressures on ourselves.  

What we actually should do is to start this year in whatever way we choose/need/want to.  

So many women start the year saying ‘I’m going to lose weight, get fit, find the man of my dreams, travel the world, get a new job’. While I'm all for goal-setting, let's remember the pressures we've all been under in the last year and continue to be under.

Just getting through is good enough - you're good enough as you are.

Take the pressure off

After the year we have all had I think one thing we can all agree with is that this year we want to be able to see more of our family and friends. To hug them. To go out and eat again, travel, go to the theatre and cinema and do all the things we have all taken for granted.

Now it may be that none of those simple pleasures will be available to us for a few more months yet but I would look at the last few winter months as recouperation time.  Whilst many of us are back in lockdown maybe it's a good time just to write a few lists.  Maybe just to explore what, if anything, we would like to do this year, without putting unrealistic timeframes on any of them.. 

This time last year I did feel it was the time to try and lose weight and get fit after struggling for the last decade with perimenopausal weight gain, but I’m not sure I would’ve addressed it with as much vigour, had it been this year, because frankly I’m emotionally drained and have very little energy to get my head around anything.

That being said, I know that January often is the motivational 'fresh start' that many of us need to kickstart something new or build new habits.

So, whatever you choose to do (or not do!), please just focus on what makes YOU feel good and doesn't add additional pressure to your life.

The Latte Lounge in 2021

I've got some exciting plans in motion for The Latte Lounge for the year ahead and I really hope you'll join me for them.

As ever, we want to be here to support, inform and signpost you in all things midlife - health, wellbeing, menopause & perimenopause, family & parenting, sex and relationships and more!

Look out for more virtual events on both Facebook & Instagram and interviews and advice from our team of medical and wellbeing experts. Sign-up to our mailing list so you don't miss out!

We are kicking off the first in our series with a Facebook Live on Thursday 14 January with Neil Russell, a family lawyer from Seddons who also handled Boris Johnsons divorce and is a regular guest on LBC radio too.

We’ve asked Neil to come on and talk about what happens when you decide to get divorced and to lead us through the processes that will be involved. He has written a really helpful guide for us too that we'll be publishing in the next few days.

If you would like me to ask him anything on your behalf please email me in advance: Katie@lattelounge.co.uk or do join us on the day to ask your questions live.

Our doors are always open

Whatever you do this year, just be kind to yourself. We’ve all had a really rubbish year, and as ever please know that you are not alone, we have masses of recommended experts, specialists and businesses and helplines who can support you through whatever you may be going through in 2021 and beyond.

The virtual doors of The Latte Lounge will always be open!

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

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