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Advice to those navigating the Menopause Phase

Hello, I’m Tracey, and I’m proudly peri-menopausal. I turned 50 last September and had a blast celebrating. Behind the scenes I was starting to unravel; symptoms ofbrain fog, anxiety and panic attacks, and generally “not feeling right”. Joyful things like smelling a candle would reduce me to uncontrollable sobbing. At work I was used to […]

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Nutrition and Exercise helped my menopause symptoms

Nutrition and exercise helped my menopause symptoms.

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My Story -  Breast cancer and the Menopause.

I always thought that by the time I reached my 50s, I would be sorted – calm, happy and accepting of who I was and maybe even love myself a little. But I was wrong. Instead, I’ve been moody, mad and miserable.   In a nutshell, the most I’d ever known about the menopause was that […]

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Win a deluxe spa day for two

We're teaming up with Sylk Intimate to give you a chance to win a luxury spa break for you and a loved one!

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Announcing the new The Latte Lounge Membership

Do you want to make your 40s and 40s the best time of your life? Find out how The Latte Lounge membership can help.

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Getting your finances in order for the divorce process

How are finances divided up during a divorce? How can you best prepare for this process?

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Nutrition for good gut health in menopause

How does menopause affect my digestive system? What can help my gut health during menopause? Here's some dietary tips and tweaks to make.

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Menopause in the workplace: what are my employment rights ?

What are my employment rights related to menopause and what do I need to do if I am an employer to support my employees?

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