07 Jun 2021

Keeping cool as we get back in the swing of things

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, how can you prepare for post pandemic life while also keeping cool? Become clothing shares some tips for how to ease back into your routine.

As COVID-19 restrictions ease and we begin to plan our post-pandemic lives, assessing our “new normal” can feel challenging - especially if you’re having menopausal symptoms.

While the thought of gathering with family and friends, and getting back to our favourite activities can feel joyful, the idea of leaving the safety of your home to go to the workplace or having to travel may cause some anxiety. 

Some people may have public safety concerns and worry that when they leave their house, they may be exposed to COVID-19, or fear that others are not taking precautions. After social distancing for over a year, we may be out of practice on how to mingle with others in real life, or have lost the confidence required to deliver presentations in the workplace.

The very thought of having to get dressed and feel presentable again may feel overwhelming -- especially if you are experiencing the hormonal, physical, and psychological changes that come with the menopause.

To help ease into this transition, we’ve put together some tips to help you adjust to life after COVID-19.

Take your time

Some people are ready to socialise and get out and about, while others are more hesitant. Just because businesses are reopening, and restrictions are being lifted, doesn’t mean you need to take advantage of all of those things right away. Take your time and get back into the swing of things when you feel the safest and most comfortable

Continue your self-care

One positive thing that came from the pandemic is the fact that we might have had a bit more time for self-care. Be patient with yourself as you get back to socialising and make sure you try to continue to allow yourself some “me” time -- even if just for a few moments each day.

Focus on healthy habits

Some people started new fitness habits while quarantined, taking long walks, doing an online class, and eating healthy meals. Try to continue those healthy habits beyond quarantine, and if you didn’t start them, it’s never too late to incorporate small changes into your daily routine. As your schedule normalises, try to find something that you enjoy and do it more regularly.

Dress for success

Refreshing your wardrobe can boost your confidence as you transition back into the swing of things. As menopausal women we have to deal with symptoms such as pesky hot flushes that take us by surprise at work (especially during important meetings or events), so you might consider adding layering pieces that help you to feel cool, and comfortable. Equipping yourself with the right wardrobe is one of the best ways to feel confident and keep your anxiety at bay.

Practice good sleep hygiene

A good night's sleep is a rare commodity when you’re having hot flushes and night sweats, and the pandemic may have further disrupted our sleep schedules. Managing family life might have pushed our work days late into the night. All of this can take away from your much needed restorative rest, contribute to brain fog, and make you feel out of balance. Hopefully a return to our regular pre-pandemic routines will help to establish a more consistent bedtime schedule. Finding a comfortable temperature setting for sleeping, keeping the room well ventilated and of course some cooling sleepwear will provide the temperature regulation you need for a better night’s sleep.

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