Is menopause impacting your relationship and family life?

Menopause and relationships – practical advice to think about before considering divorce or separation 

Are you worried that your marriage won’t survive menopause? 

If menopause is having an impact on your relationship or someone close to you, family lawyer Helen Young is here to help you find a solution that is right for you and your family. 

The Latte Lounge has teamed up with family lawyer Helen Young from Debenhams Ottaway to hear her personal experience of going through menopause and talk through some practical steps to help avoid relationship breakdown. 


Menopause and the impact on family & relationships

Join the Latte Lounge as we discuss the impact of menopause on family relationships. We're joined by Helen Young, Family Lawyer at Debenhams Ottaway. Watch as we discuss the importance of: - Talking openly to your partner to help them understand the impact of menopause.

You are not alone

A survey published in The Independent last year found that of the women surveyed, 65% said menopause had impacted their marriage. Two thirds said they did not think their spouse or partner properly grasped the physical, mental and emotional repercussions menopause causes. 

Regret, Sadness, anger and guilt

Regret, sadness, anger and even guilt are all common themes for anyone going through a divorce. Add menopause to this and you have an intense mix. Menopause can often coincide with divorce or separation or children leaving home and becoming more independent, so it is no surprise that the average age a woman gets divorced in the UK is 45-49, often a time when menopause symptoms start. 

Menopause can impact on even the most solid relationships

The divorce and family law team at Debenhams Ottaway often see the significant impact menopause can have on even the most solid of relationships. Helen and her team want to make sure couples and families understand how menopause symptoms, such as erratic behaviour or anxiety, may lead a woman to question herself and her marriage/relationship and impact on making key life-changing decisions.  

Watch our conversation above as we highlight the importance of:

▪️ Talk openly to your partner to help them understand the impact of menopause.

▪️ Avoid making drastic life-changing decisions that you might regret due to symptoms of menopause, e.g. separation/divorce, moving house, leaving your job.

▪️ Having a trusted legal adviser who will help you to work out a solution that is right for your family – divorce or separation isn’t always the answer.

▪️ If you decide to divorce/separate, make sure you have a divorce lawyer that understands the impact of menopause on family relationships.

Divorce or separation isn't always the answer

Divorce or separation isn’t always the answer. It’s important to have people around you who understand the impact of menopause on family relationships and a divorce lawyer who will help you explore the alternatives before making life-changing decisions.

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About the Author:

Helen Young has over 30 years of experience in family law, helping individuals and families in Hertfordshire, London and across the UK on all aspects of divorce and separation. She is one of the most sought-after divorce lawyers in the region and is recognised as a top-tier family lawyer in the leading legal directories.

Helen specialises in divorce and separation and regularly advises on complex high-value financial settlements, often involving family businesses and assets held abroad. She helps her clients reach a fair settlement and does everything that she can to make the process as amicable and painless as possible for them. She also helps clients with pre and post-nuptial agreements, living together agreements and disputes involving children.

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