10 Jun 2022

Introducing The Latte Lounge podcast

Listen to the latest episode of The Latte Lounge podcast as we explore menopause and midlife with expert guests.

Welcome to the first series of The Latte Lounge Podcast, hosted by our founder Katie Taylor.

This first series is all about going back to basics to help you feel empowered and supported during perimenopause, menopause and beyond. 

My fantastic guests will help me, to help you, as we talk balancing hormones, busting myths, breaking taboos, boosting libidos and bolstering confidence!

Listen below and please do follow/ subscribe to our podcast by searching 'The Latte Lounge podcast' wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Listen to episode five now:

Not Tonight: Midlife sex and relationships, with Dr Shahzadi Harper

In our fifth episode Katie speaks to Dr Shahzadi Harper about the impact menopause can have on sex, treatments for physical symptoms, how to speak to your partner about it, and how to get the spark back.

Listen to episode four now:

Busting Myths: Breast Cancer, HRT and Menopause - Separating the fact from the fiction, with Consultant Endocrinologist, Dr Annice Mukherjee

In our fourth episode Katie speaks to Dr Annice Mukherjee about her personal experience of the menopause, fear of HRT, treatment options for breast cancer survivors, and other treatments and lifestyle changes we can all try.

Listen to episode three now:

Feeling Lost: Menopause support & how to navigate the health care system, with Psychotherapist & Menopause Activist, Diane Danzebrink

In our third episode Katie speaks to Diane Danzebrink about her own menopause experience, how to get the best treatment from your healthcare team, the training GPs receive and her #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign.

Listen to episode two now:

Hormone Havoc: Perimenopause and Menopause explained, with Dr Philippa Kaye

In our second episode Katie speaks to Dr Philippa Kaye about the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, how a diagnosis is reached, what treatments are available and whether HRT could be right for you.

Listen to episode one now:

What's wrong with me? My menopause story explained, with Katie Taylor

Welcome to the first episode of The Latte Lounge podcast!  In our first episode Katie shares her story of going through four years of misdiagnosed perimenopause, the lightbulb moment that changed her life, how she's balanced her hormones and discovered that midlife can be such a joyful and liberating time.

Listen to The Latte Lounge trailer:

Welcome to the Latte Lounge Podcast

Subscribe now to ensure you catch the first series of the Latte Lounge podcast.   We'll talk balancing hormones, busting myths, breaking taboos, boosting libidos and bolstering confidence. ____ Would you like some extra support with managing your menopause symptoms? Then why not join us as a Latte Lounge member and let Katie help you to feel great again.

Thank you to our sponsor - and a special offer for The Latte Lounge listeners:

This series of The Latte Lounge podcast is sponsored by Sylk Natural Intimate Lubricant, a pH friendly, plant-based lubricant that hydrates and soothes vaginal dryness. Try for free at Sylk.co.uk or claim 40% off your Sylk purchase using the code LL40 at the Sylk checkout. For more information see our website.

Thank you to our podcast producer - Emily Crosby Media.

Looking for extra support with your menopause?

Then why not join us as a Latte Lounge member and let Katie help you to feel great again. 

Members get access to support from Katie, members-only masterclasses with medical specialists and wellbeing experts, members-only content, how-to-guides and resources, plus a chance to connect with other women just like you in a warm and friendly community.

Podcast listeners can try the membership for just £10 for the first month with code LATTETRIAL at the checkout. Find out more and sign-up here.

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