26 Jul 2018

How to stick to your fitness and weight loss goals

Most people fail to achieve their goals because they struggle to stick to their plan. Simply lasting the distance will massively increase their chances of success. When I work with my clients on their weight loss transformation journey, we will set a realistic timeframe. But sometimes the thought of adhering to a totally new lifestyle is daunting.

It’s important to bear in mind that undertaking a successful body transformation is a skill. And as with all new skills, you need to develop your ability gradually. If you dive in at the deep end, your hopes of a successful transformation may sink without trace. You’ll stack the odds in your favour if you gradually increase the intensity and the demands of your training and nutrition plan as you progress.

Breaking your transformation down into manageable chunks will make it easier to stay motivated. A twelve week period for instance can seem like a long time and it’s natural that you’ll have doubts about your ability to achieve the result you want.

Seeing this period as four, three-week blocks, gives you a series of achievable goals and allows you to tick off wins as you progress. Within those blocks, you can have mini goals for each week. You could even think of each session as a micro-target. Every one you tick off brings you a step closer to the overall goal. And if you make consistent progress, I guarantee that you’ll achieve your overall objective.

The reality is that your progress is unlikely to be straightforward. You may catch a cold, tweak a muscle or have to deal with something tricky that life throws at you. If you’re prepared for that to happen, you can deal with the challenge as it arises.

Before you start, make a list of the most likely things that could occur and have an adverse effect on your progress. Then write down two or three bullet points about what you’ll do should they arise. If something comes up that isn’t on the list, simply take a few minutes to write down a list of the things that you are able to do and follow them through until you’re able to get back on track.

The more you believe in your ability to complete a successful transformation, the more likely it is to happen. Several sports science studies have shown that visualisation techniques can have a positive impact on performance. So I often revisit the reason for starting the plan at the start of each session. I try and get my clients to think about how they will look and feel when they achieve their desired result. Similarly if a client is finding a session tough, I try and encourage them to fast-forward and think about the satisfaction they will get from a successful outcome.

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