05 Jan 2021

KATIE'S BLOG: Feeling Blue Again

I’m sure many of you in the U.K. are waking up this morning feeling pretty blue. I know I am.
Although this lockdown is very much needed (and I’ve sadly seen first hand exactly why) there's no denying the next few months are going to be exceptionally tough this time round.
Not just because many of you will be juggling home schooling once again with work/family life whist trying to survive financially too and not just because the days are shorter and the weather is colder, but also because after 10 months of restrictions I think this pandemic is really taking its toll now on all of us both mentally and physically.
I’m normally the cheerleader of the family, but I have to say even I’m running out of encouraging words for my teens (who have, and are, missing out on so much), for my parents who have had their own recent health scare and for my husband whose job in the hospitality industry has been severely affected.
It leaves very little head room or energy for me to support my friends and neighbours let alone look after myself, our home and my own work and SO many women I’ve spoken to have said they are feeling exactly the same.
But we cannot look after the health and well-being of all those who rely on us without looking after ourselves too.
So please remember to try and carve out a little bit of time for yourselves within the matrix that is midlife, be that perhaps through an early morn or late eve walk or whatever exercise/relaxation habits work for you.
Athough I know most of us will probably just feel like comfort eating to get through this last hump right now, I don’t need to tell you that consuming too much processed/fatty/sugary food will actually just make us feel more down rather than lift us up.
So please do have a look at our website if you have any time, where there are lots of blogs on nutrition and other ways to support your health and wellbeing during midlife and beyond.
Please also remember that we are all in this together, no matter what our circumstances are, so please do ask for help and we will try and support and signpost you in whatever way you need.
We have a list of helplines that you have all recommended over the years too, should you or your family need professional help and many businesses and services in our directory to support you too.
Lastly lets try and hold on to the fact that the jab is here and a spring break from restrictions seems not just possible, but probable, so hang in there for this last stretch.
As ever thanks again to our amazing NHS, Front line workers and teachers who are putting themselves out there for us and our children day in day out no matter what.
Stay safe, stay well and sending love xxx
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