13 Sep 2019

Endometriosis - Ablation or Hysterectomy?

The rate of hysterectomy has fallen dramatically, for women with heavy periods whose families are complete, with a day case surgical technique called 'Endometrial Ablation'.

Endometrial Ablation 

There are various ways of attempting to destroy the lining of the womb (the endometrium) permanently so there is no, or little, lining to shed at period time.

The endometrium can be treated with surgery, performed through the cervix to treat the lining, often under general anaesthetic with heat, microwaves or by cutting the lining away.

Although there may be moderate discomfort for a day or two and often some bleeding and discharge for a week or so, it is usual to be able to return to work in 3-4 days.

There are generally no restrictions on driving or lifting after 24 hours but sex and tampons are best avoided for 3 days and during that time showers, rather than baths, should be taken.

Should ablation not work, then there are other options, including hysterectomy, but ablation is a good treatment that often avoids major surgery and its recovery.

This treatment which destroys the lining is unsuitable for anyone considering future pregnancy.

When your dr suggests a hysterectomy for endometriosis

Considering a hysterectomy is a really big decision, as it almost certainly would be suggested that the ovaries went too, to abolish the cycle and ovaries are often diseased.

Key hole option of lasering and or excision of the disease are usually discussed first as well as trying progesterone or similar drugs.
If your family is definitely finished, then surgery might just radically improve your life and relieve you of pain and bleeding.
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