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There is often a disconnect when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle; we know what's good for our bodies, but we don't always manage to put it into practice.

And sometimes, that extra bit of help, extra set of eyes and support from an expert can make the most significant difference in how we feel.

At Jasmine Bliss Nutrition, we believe that a healthy lifestyle is achievable with the right support. 

Our personalised approach caters to each individual's unique circumstances. We don't hand out meal plans or blanket supplement recommendations to just anyone who walks through the door.

We look at your lifestyle, the day to day, we discuss changes you feel would be achievable and implementable to give you the best chance of sticking to them long term. We work collaboratively in a language you can understand to take control of your health and help you feel your best self.

Whether it's weight management, gut health or immune support, digestive symptoms, IBS management, skin issues, women's health issues such as PCOS, debilitating PMS, amenhorrea, blood sugar management, managing a dietary condition, or developing and fostering a healthy relationship with food, we offer evidence-based advice and expert guidance designed to meet your needs.

About Jasmine

Jasmine Bliss is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with the Association for Nutrition (AfN), joining in 2023.

She graduated from Leeds Beckett University with a distinction in MSc Nutrition in Practice, and won the Dean's Prize for Nutrition 2023 across all graduating nutrition and dietetics students.

Through her own health challenges such as gut issues, IBS, and food intolerances, Jasmine has learnt the tools to address the root causes of such health issues and understands the toll they can take on quality of life, as well as how valuable and transformational the healing process can be. 

When Jasmine isn't spending time supporting her clients at Jasmine Bliss Nutrition, she works as a financial consultant in the pensions industry. Jasmine is a Chartered Accountant (ACA) and a Business and Finance Professional (BFP) with the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW).

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