Dr Rachel Hines

Menopause Specialist & GP
Miss Claire Mellon & Associates, 212 Great Portland Street, London, UK


Dr Rachel Hines is a Menopause Specialist and GP specialising in Women’s Health.
Rachel has completed advanced menopause training with the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare and is on the British Menopause Society Specialist Register. She takes a holistic approach towards assessing and treating menopause symptoms to ensure personalised care, taking personal and family history into consideration. She prescribes hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), testosterone and also non hormonal alternatives.
Rachel’s private menopause clinic is at Miss Claire Mellon & Associates at the Portland Hospital where she has clinics on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She provided face to face, video and telephone consultations. Her initial consultation is 45 minutes to make sure there is plenty of time to cover all concerns, and follow up appointments are 30 minutes. She also provides contraceptive care including coil (copper and mirena) and Nexplanon (contraceptive implant) fitting and removal, well women checks and cervical smears.
Rachel is the Clinical Director of Vira Health, a digital health company focused on improving long term health for women, which she does alongside her work at Miss Claire Mellon & Associates. She has worked with Holland & Barrett as a menopause specialist.
Rachel graduated from the University of Leeds in 2001. She then moved to London and continued her training, qualifying as a GP in 2006. She has diplomas in Sexual and Reproductive healthcare, Gynaecology and Child Health and has specialised in Women’s health throughout her career. She is an experienced GP and worked for the NHS for 17 years. She also worked in Community Gynaecology for 4 years alongside her GP work providing care for a wide range of gynaecological problems including fibroids, endometriosis and urinary symptoms.


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