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Menopause explained - for men.

A men's guide to understanding the menopause, and the top ten tips for helping your partner through it together.

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Dating in your 40's- Let me share with you what I have learnt!

Sona Uppal describes what it's like dating in your 40's. Letting go of the fear and anxiety and embracing it.

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Divorce- you are not alone

Find out how getting a divorce or separation, doesn’t have to be a daunting and scary task. Divorce sounds scary but it doesn't have to be.

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How to change your relationship in 5 easy steps

Find out in 5 quick and easy steps how to change your emotional state so that you could find a new perspective to view your relationship from.

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Closed For Love (Opening Hours : Unpredictable)

When the sign above your door says 'closed for love' what can you do about it? Francine Kaye helps you to understand why.

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Before you end your relationship, ask "What Would Love Do?"

But what if you asked another question? I just happened to be reading Conversations with God by Neal Walsh and ‘God’ asked Neal to ask the question..  ‘What Would Love Do’? Yes I know, in the midst of upset it’s not the first question that springs to mind, but since you are reading this, bear […]

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I have to be honest in over two decades of working with couples, there’s always a reason for an affair. No one who is happy in their relationship, does this kind of thing. Yes, we may all be tempted by compliments that make us feel good, but if we are happy, respected and loved, then […]

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Making Relationships Work

Why is it that some people find it so difficult to find and keep loving relationships? Why do so many people seem to repeat the same patterns?

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