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7 tips for staying together as a couple, in this current climate

Generally speaking men and women see things differently and behave differently. Caron Barruw shares her tips for staying together.

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My husband admitted he was gay after 30 years of marriage

After 30 years of marriage this woman found out her husband was gay. Read here about how she and her family dealt with his confession.

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Sex positive: in midlife, it’s all about attitude

Does your body look and feel different, does it not feel what it used to? Now's the time to experiment and try new things.

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Dying to Leave

Read on to hear one woman's story of how her friend turned up unannounced late at night with her will in case something happened to her.

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Going Solo

Are you comfortable holidaying alone? Travel blogger, Tara Gould, shares her experience spending a few days alone in the Tuscan countryside.

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When love hurts: solutions to painful sex

Vaginal dryness can lead to uncomfortable and painful sex. Physio Elaine Miller shares her tips for how to enjoy sex again.

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Why do women stay so long in abusive relationships?

Are you in an abusive relationship? Read on for 6 headline facts about domestic abuse by Naomi Dickson, Chief Executive at Jewish Women's Aid

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Contraception & The Menopause

What are the golden rules for contraception and the menopause? What are your choices? Dr Philippa Kaye helps us understand.

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