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Judiane Jayson shares her oriental canape recipes and tells us why the ingredients are good for menopausal women.

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How to survive Christmas without causing hormone havoc

Your hormones can be hit hard at Christmas. Read our tips to avoid the extra pounds around your waist, a foul mood & zero energy in January!

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How to avoid the ‘festive binge’ and still feel good in January!

Are you feeling anxious about overeating over Christmas and the holidays? Read our guide to how to avoid the festive binge & feel good.

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Top 10 Nutrition Myths

Find out the truth about common nutrition myths and how to bust them. Nicki Williams helps us understand more.

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Perfect roast beef

An easy to follow guide on cooking the perfect roast beef by Robinne Collie with the help of a meat probing thermomete

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Fudgy vegan chocolate brownies

A delicious chocolate brownie recipe - with a surprising twist!

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Salmon Poke Bowl

Salmon poke bowl. Why it is good for menopausal women? It's high in protein, great source of omega-3 fatty acids.

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5 healthy ways to spring clean your diet!

5 top tips to spring clean your diet. Read more about them here.

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