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Why we need to take the next step towards an inclusive menopause

Inclusive menopause support needs to include LGBTQIA+ people and everyone experiencing menopausal symptoms. Queer Menopause Founder Tania Glyde explains.

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#MakeMenopauseMatter campaign to be debated in Private Members Bill in Parliament.

Over the past 5 years we have been delighted to campaign, support, and stand side by side with our friend and colleague, Diane Danzebrink, who launched The Menopause Support campaign to #MakeMenopauseMatter in Westminster back in October 2018.

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Can you help us improve menopause support in the workplace?

**SURVEY NOW CLOSED** How is your workplace supporting menopausal women? Share your views in our survey & help create change.

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The Latte Lounge is 5 today!

The Latte Lounge is five years old today, and to mark the occasion we have two exciting pieces of news to share with you all.

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Ask the doctors: How to stay fit and healthy without pain and injury

After a year of lockdown and living a more sedentary lifestyle than usual are you considering how to get back to exercise without pain or injury? Perhaps you’re approaching a milestone birthday and want to get stuck into a new fitness routine like boxing, tennis, running? Or maybe you’re experiencing perimenopause or menopause symptoms and […]

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How to talk to your partner about sex

How do you discuss sex with your partner? How do you navigate conflict? How can you improve communication in your relationship so that you feel more heard? Let's get intimate - with Caron & Glenn Barruw

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Watch on demand: Let's get intimate in The Latte Lounge

The Latte Lounge partnered with Sylk Natural Lubricant in February 2021 to create a series of live events on our Instagram account and in our Facebook group (The Latte Lounge). Join our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram to take part in future events! Talking sex, relationships and intimacy Whether you’re single or in […]

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Ask the doctors: Health Q&A Live

We put your health questions to the doctors in a Facebook Live in The Latte Lounge Facebook Group.  About this event We all know that it’s been a lot harder than usual this year to access our normal GP and health services. Many of us have tried to avoid hospitals and GP waiting rooms and […]

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