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KATIE'S BLOG: The Postman

You see we have a glass panel on our front door right above the letterbox and at 5.50am today as I was just about to jump in the shower, my puppy started crying to be let out the back door which is across the hall, directly opposite the front door. So it is at that […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: That Green Dress

Read about how the menopause can affect your mental health, weight and self-esteem in a blog by Katie Taylor, Founder of The Latte Lounge.

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KATIE'S BLOG: Schools today are run like factories-students are numbers not people

An ‘educator’ presents facts and figures to a class of 30 students who sit in discordant rows mindlessly copying off the board.

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KATIE'S BLOG: A womb with a view - A pre-op hysterectomy diary (part 1)

H MINUS 6 DAYS, FRIDAY Some-one has added me to a facebook group called ‘Hyster-Sisters’ - sounds very American and to be honest I’m not sure whether this is a group for women undergoing hysterectomies or a group for hysterical sisters (well I guess my sister and I both think we are hysterically funny at […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: 'Womb service' - A post op hysterectomy diary (part 2)

Wheeled back to bedroom in a morphine induced state. Have no memory of this day at-all which is probably a good thing. Think my mum came to visit, think I may have told the trolley porter I loved him Nov 3- Fri HDay +1 Still very sleepy and drugged up but feel no pain and […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: The 'not so secret' diary of a midlife menopausal mum

From weight gain, memory issues, hormones + exercise failures to kids, parents, dogs, men, holidays and return to work, a menopausal diary

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KATIE'S BLOG: Peri/Menopause-A Positive Outcome

After six months, I felt worse. I had “brain fog”, couldn’t think clearly at work, cried at the most inconvenient moments, had random hot flushes in the day and didn’t want to leave my house. I stopped socialising with friends or speaking on the phone to anyone and piled on an enormous amount of weight. […]

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