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KATIE'S BLOG: Let it be

Last year was hard.  Really hard.   Many of you may have suffered family illness or lost a loved one.   Many of you may have lost your businesses or struggled financially.  Many of you may have fell out of love with your partners and perhaps realised that you can’t live together any more.   While others of […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: Here's to a happy and healthy 2021

On Monday night, my dad was admitted to hospital after suffering a small heart attack. For my mum to have to drop him at the door of A&E and not be allowed to go in with him, was just so incredibly distressing. For my sister and I to not be allowed to go to her […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: My lockdown diaries - a year in the life of a lockdown mum

Reading my own words - in the form of these lockdown diaries - is reliving things, as the story over here in the UK, and indeed right across the globe, started to unfold.   From the early days of positivity, optimism and many, many questions; through to the reflective moments of quality time spent in lockdown […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: A Victim of Fraud

This is a personal account of my first, and hopefully last, experience being a witness for the prosecution, due to being a victim of fraud. 

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KATIE'S BLOG: Blowing out someone else’s candle

When people say bad things about you, it’s usually because they are insecure about themselves. How to deal with bullies.

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KATIE'S BLOG: The calm before the storm

As England enters its second national lockdown, here are five things that bring me joy, calm me down & reduce my stress levels.

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KATIE'S BLOG: The upside of lockdown

Find out what the upside of lockdown is, how to keep your brain working, social interaction and exercise.

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KATIE'S BLOG: Are you a rule breaker?

Now that we are in a Covid-19 partial lockdown area the teenage kids are pushing my boundaries between what's right and wrong

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