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How to stick to your fitness and weight loss goals

It’s important to bear in mind that undertaking a successful body transformation is a skill. And as with all new skills, you need to develop your ability gradually. If you dive in at the deep end, your hopes of a successful transformation may sink without trace. You’ll stack the odds in your favour if you gradually […]

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Why women need weights

You may have seen the recommendation from Public Health England that everyone should find the time to fit in a couple of resistance workouts a week. Strength training is vital to maintaining strong bones and muscles which is especially important as you get older.  The advice is to build up your muscle and bone mass […]

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New to exercise? What type of exercise should you do?

Are you new to exercise? It won’t take that long to improve, no matter what type of exercise you choose or level you begin at.

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Exercising with arthritis

Dr Hasan Tahir explains different ways of exercising with arthritis. Which types are good for you and how long you should exercise for.

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Exercising with injuries

The answer is, no not necessarily......With a little planning and common sense, you can still keep up some kind of routine as your injury heals. Your first step is, of course, is to see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment and you'll want to talk to the doctor about how you can stay moving without […]

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Let the sunshine in

Find out how to start yoga with this step-by-step guide on sun salutations and moving meditation from Andrea Symons.

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Getting in shape for any 'big day'

Getting in shape for the big day? Here are some top tips to help you tone up and lose weight before the big day or occasion

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Classic exercises such as the lunge, squat etc are excellent ones that will do you a world of good, but they don't prepare your body

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