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KATIE'S BLOG: The best things in life are free!

After celebrating my 50th last year with an amazing 80's themed party with masses of friends and family at home, followed by a romantic surprise weekend away to Venice organised by my husband, i was not really planning anything very much this year for such a 'non event' age, and even more so once i […]

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7 tips for staying together as a couple, in this current climate

Generally speaking men and women see things differently and behave differently. Caron Barruw shares her tips for staying together.

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20 tips for looking after your children’s mental wellbeing, during lockdown

By guest blogger, Leanne Cowan, Clinical Child Psychologist To help our children to adapt, we need to understand how anxiety and fear are not our enemy, but are positive and designed to protect us. What is Anxiety? Anxiety is normal and anxiety about the Coronavirus is expected and appropriate. Generally, anxiety can help us achieve important […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: Not so sweet 16

They say your teenage years are the best years of your life, but in these frightening and unprecedented times, we are no longer able to live as teenagers and there is nothing we can do about it. With everything going on, the world we live in is rapidly becoming an extremely daunting place and truthfully, […]

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Looking after you and your families mental health, during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Has your mental health and that of your family suffered during the pandemic? Here a psychotherapist gives some of her tips.

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KATIE'S BLOG: Keeping our distance

We tried desperately to stop talking about it and find something else to discuss, but we kept on getting drawn back to it, time after time. My 16 year old wanted to know if school would be closed? Will his GCSE’s be cancelled? What will happen to his 6th form college offer? Can he still go away […]

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Advice for an elderly population regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

Here you can find some tips on how to help the elderley through the pandemic. Here we lits what is known about the threat of COVID-19

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From one parent to another, here's some parental advice.

Read some parental tips on how to help your own children deal with others who have mental health issues and how they should treat them.

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