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KATIE'S BLOG: Moving on...out

We bought 3 ducks and hid two when she was born, so that if she ever lost one we’d always have a spare.  Unfortunately one day at the age of about 4, she found the other two and insisted on sleeping with all 3 right up until she started secondary school! I almost wish, like […]

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How do I get a divorce?

This is a guide to how to get a divorce, written by family lawyer Neil Russell. Find out the divorce process & the steps you'll need to take.

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KATIE'S BLOG: Blowing out someone else’s candle

When people say bad things about you, it’s usually because they are insecure about themselves. How to deal with bullies.

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KATIE'S BLOG: Freshers Week needs a refresh

Isolation and loneliness. The reality of University in 2020 is as far away from the best time of your life as you can get.

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KATIE'S BLOG: The emptying of the nest once more

New beginnings For the last 20 years, September has always been a key focal point in my calendar, taking up a lot of mental and physical energy in preparation for the new school term. Traditionally, the 6.30am alarm clock would rudely announce that the lazy summer lie-ins were well and truly over, and the hustle […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: The Covid blame game

BUT what we didn't talk to Philippa about, is the part of covid anxiety that NO-ONE is talking about: THE BLAME GAME AND THE TROLLING So forgive me, but after receiving a load of messages and emails about this tonight and all week, I've decided to use my soap box to address the issue of […]

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KATIE'S BLOG: Back to School…. Post Lockdown

How do you feel about your kids going back to school post lockdown? Katie Taylor shares her thoughts and feelings in this article.

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Help! My child doesn't want to go back to school

What can you do if your child is anxious about the return to school? This article shares how to spot the signs and how to help.

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