26 Nov 2020

Ask the doctors: Health Q&A Live

The Latte Lounge hosted a special live 'Health Q&A' with a team of doctors from The Wellington Hospital Elstree Waterfront Outpatient Centre. 

We put your health questions to the doctors in a Facebook Live in The Latte Lounge Facebook Group

About this event

We all know that it’s been a lot harder than usual this year to access our normal GP and health services. Many of us have tried to avoid hospitals and GP waiting rooms and as a result those non-urgent little ‘niggles’ have been put to one side.

That’s why I invited four top doctors from The Wellington Hospital Elstree Waterfront Outpatient Centre to join me for a Facebook Live to answer all of your health questions.

Our doctors

meet the doctors

The doctors (clockwise from top left): Jo, Ademola, Suzanne, Benji.

We were joined by:

  • Suzanne Saideman - Suzanne is a GP and specialist in gynaecology and is an accredited menopause specialist (certified by the British Menopause Society). Read Suzanne’s full bio.
  • Jo Hockey - Jo is a Obstetrics & Gynaecology specialist. She specialises in urogynecology, bladder pain, fibroids, prolapse, urinary incontinence, and pelvic floor problems. Read Jo’s full bio.
  • Benji Jacobs - Benji is a specialist in paediatrics. He has specialist interest in the treatment of children and teenagers with bone or musculoskeletal problems, especially those relating to nutrition, bone disease, growing pains and Vitamin D. Read Benji’s full bio.
  • Ademola Adejuwon - Ademola is a consultant in sports and exercise medicine, with interests in orthopaedic medicine, soft tissue injuries (muscles, tendons, ligaments), concussion, osteoarthritis treatment and more. Read Ademola’s full bio here.


The Wellington Hospital

This event was sponsored by The Wellington Hospital Elstree Waterfront Outpatient Centre, located in Elstree, Hertfordshire. It offers diagnostic tests and scans, Private GP appointments and Children's outpatients, as well as a new specialist Long Covid Health Recovery Centre.


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